The one goal


What is the goal of life?
The answer to that question sure differs between people.
Depending on what it is for you, that is what gives you your life’s meaning.

I like the answer given by William James, the American philosopher and founder of pragmatism.
After pondering the question for years, he suggested that this goal of life is made up by two parts:

1. An inner ideal which is followed persistently with courage.
2. Outer achievement related to that ideal.


What ideal?

If one likes the suggestion from William James one should first answer – what is my ideal? Without a clear vision of what to pursue, that ideal will be impossible to reach.


In order to reach such an ideal a plan must be carried out carefully and forming habits will most likely be the easiest road to reach persistence.

The rest may come

Outer achievements are what is most out of our control. Some ideals will be praised by others when they are merely touched upon. Other people will be hated for following their ideals.

If you seek outer gratification, you better know what others want. Sometimes, sacrificing outer achievement may be necessary to reach a higher ideal. Sometimes it may be straight up foolish. 

Only you can be the judge in your life.

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