Life after FI


Financial independence (FI), to have a large enough cashflow to cover lifestyle expenses, interests me for a few reasons:

1. I recently reached my own passive cashflow limit to consider myself FI for now.
2. Universal Basic Income (UBI) has been discussed in several European countries
3. I love to investigate the psychological aspects of any such endeavor

Securing financial resources could for most people primarily be considered as falling in the second and first level of Maslows pyramid of needs.
Getting enough resources on a passive basis to cover these levels basically makes room for focusing on all levels above.

Then what psychological effects follows?

Feeling secure

Obviously the feeling of safety follows, which basically shows the beauty of Maslows model for human needs. 

According to me, the model is a great simple tool for making sure we act in a way which makes us feel good.

Less stress?

Having lifestyle expenses covered may definitely reduce stress, not least in terms of security. The upper two parts of the pyramid is most often just as stressful as any others however. 

In our modern society, I personally regard stress to be self-inflicted or just not self-regulated. In Sweden, the absolute majority of citizens can actively choose not ot be stressed rather than trying to chase that feeling.
It’s psychological.


Next adventure

Reaching FI can be a truly rewarding goal on a personal level. For many it seem to be the one goal out there, like that would be the one definition of success.

By just reducing ones unnecessary expenses this goal becomes very easy to reach compared to many other worthwhile endeavors.

The need for meaning and self-actualization will however become more important than ever for someone feeling thet their basic needs are covered. 

So people best plan for next adventure and make that one truly meaningful.

I believe UBI could be devastating for people unless states also provide meaningful undertakings for these not capable themselves to find meaning.

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