Courage, not necessarily good taste


Studying at a Stockholm School of Economics, means getting exposed to art on a continuous basis. After seeing everything from naked middle aged men doing the helicopter, whale slaughter, cheap puppet shows and evermore naked middle aged people in different situations it’s safe to say I simply don’t share the taste of the art initiative. I have not even mentioned the broken toilet display which sprayed water for a year where people just wanted to study.

Now, people could say that I “just don’t get it” or perhaps that I am “too shallow” for what has been displayed. In the end, many of these artists are recognized as some of the greater. so they know what is art and what is not right?

Personally I’ve never agreed. 

Art as I see it is more about courage to discover and express something unique, risking that others may think you are bat crazy. Since the social game in the artistic society is really strong, sometimes art is close to bat crazy but that is okay as long as no one dares to yell “The emperor is naked”.

I think the video above proves a point. Art should not be controlled by the few.
Because not only the few know what they doin.
They be following the hype like sheep.


Art may evoke emotion. Honestly though, the emotions I get from watching really cheap puppet shows are only disgust. In what sense will that make me a better citizen?

Faking it

Seriously, you cannot fake a doctors degree unless you are Frank Abagnale. However, when art is separated from skill and talent harnessed by hard work, it’s just what I would call a “spel för gallerierna”.

What is art to me?

To me, art should touch, inspire and evoke emotions. But it should also be admired, not unquestionably accepted as art. I’m personally proud to have a vastly talented cousin doing just such work, That is art to me.

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